GK Elite Sportswear selects D4 Creative for branding

The world’s largest apparel maker for gymnastics, GK Elite, selected D4 to re-position flagship brand.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Reading, PA-based GK Elite, chooses D4 Creative, one of Philadelphia’s long-standing strategic and creative ad agencies, to help them re-position the brand upcoming 2024 Olympics and beyond. GK Elite is the world’s largest manufacture of gymnast apparel and sponsors the biggest names in the sport, including Simone Biles, Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, and Yul Moldauer. The company is very proudly based in Reading, PA, located about 60 miles west of Philadelphia. The factory is just humming with creativity and dedicated professional ‘makers’ of gear that performs for Olympic athletes as well as the starting child dreaming of being in the Olympics one day.

Upon spending a good amount of time at the facilities, and meeting the leadership team, Kurt Shore, President and Chief Creative Officer of D4, noted, “the magic of this place is evident. You can feel it in the air. I had the sense that even after people left, mystical creatures came in to sprinkle their creative dust all over the place.”

Suzanne Hatfield, D4’s founder and Chief Strategic Officer, after researching the competition, said, “GK is in a league of their own, quite literally. They pay attention to every detail of not only the apparel, but in how they service all the support teams, the gyms around the country, the coaches. They are quite extraordinary.”

In fact, “Be Extraordinary” became the new GK tag line. The agency, with the help of their visual partners at D’Amico Studios, created a look and feel that perfectly expressed “Be Extraordinary” in the style frames and the actual 2023 Look Book the agency created with the ‘extraordinary’ team at GK Elite which included Matt Cowen, President and Erica Schnebel, VP of Marketing.

Check out the lookbook for this campaign on its online flipbook version: https://online.fliphtml5.com/bfjzy/jbjp/

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