Gainwell Technologies Taps D4 for Brand Relaunch

Renamed, redefined, and reborn, Gainwell asked us to communicate the company’s new energy and heightened commitment to their clients and their 6,000+employees.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. –When key messages, tactics and an implementation framework were needed to clearly communicate how the multibillion-dollar company will better serve their customers and their employees delivering Medicaid services to almost all 50 states in the United States, Gainwell Technologies turned to D4 Creative in Philadelphia.

Working with the leaders of the company including CEO, Paul Saleh, D4 created the new brand story around the theme of “You Deserve Amazing”. Consumers will never hear about Gainwell, but they will be the ultimate beneficiary of theirtechnology that theyprovide theirclients: the states in which they live. How consumersfind their providers, how their claims are paid, how they get access to care, and how they are part of an entire healthcare system that improves everyday with better data, better analytics, better outcomesis what Gainwell delivers. From our hardworking, dedicated, and passionate employees to the vulnerable and underserved people in our communities—they all deserve the best that Gainwell and their state government partners can provide. In other words, they all deserve amazing.

D4 delivered among other tactics: a brand anthem video with an original music score, several internal and external communication collateral, CEO introductory videos, website updates, and strategic planning.

Kurt Shore, President and Chief Creative Officer of D4, commented “Big legacy organizations like Gainwell will often experience stress amongst the leadership teamsand employees wheneversignificant changes occur, like new ownership, expanded capabilities, and integration of new ideas into a corporate culture.It is important to communicate the new vision and goals of the reborn company and allow for time for these changes to be absorbed. We gave Gainwell a creative execution of their new vision as well as a strategic path to build excitement and trust amongstall stakeholders”. 

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