D4 Creative Launches Martin Law with New Brand Positioning, New Website and New Campaign

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – D4 Creative, one of Philadelphia’s top advertising and branding agencies, is proud to announce the launch of a multi-platform branding campaign for the Philadelphia region’s most respected and experienced workers’ compensation law firm, Martin Law. Almost a year in the making, workers from all walks of life and from all over the region will come to know Martin Law as “The Law Firm for Workers,” through TV spots, out-of-home, print, radio, and online.

“We had successfully raised the bar on regional law firm advertising with the award-winning work we did for their competitor, so we literally had to outthink and outdo ourselves,” said Kurt Shore, D4 President. “After meeting the partners and the people at Martin Law, we realized we had been playing for the wrong team. The Martin folks were the real deal- genuine, incredibly hard-working, respected by their peers, and sincerely passionate about helping all workers to be treated and compensated fairly after suffering a work-related injury.”

Suzanne Hatfield, D4’s CEO who led the discovery and strategy team added, “It became clear from many face-to-face conversations that their peers on both sides of the courtroom- including their adversaries- have utmost respect and admiration for Martin Law. The simple yet powerful ‘the law firm for workers’ positioning was borne from the deep understanding and respect that the firm has for all working men and women.”

Rich Wakefield, D4 Executive Creative Director, and his creative team translated the core values that differentiates Martin Law from the pack into a powerful execution where the imagery, copy, art direction and music are all carefully woven together to portray the passion and respect that Martin Law has for all workers. “Even the newly designed website features the workers throughout the site, rather than the standard law firm partner photography so prevalent in this category,” said Wakefield.

George Martin, founding partner of Martin Law commented, “We are very happy with the way that D4 has captured who we are and what we do, and presented that in a way which distinguishes us from our competitors.”

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